When A Death Occurs

When a death occurs, there are certain things that need to be done and this process depends greatly on where the death happened. We encourage you to contact us immediately at the number above for the help and professional advice you need through this difficult time. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, Woodridge Memorial Park is here to help you step-by-step through this process. We’re always available to address any of your immediate questions and concerns.

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When a Death Occurs at Home

If a death happens at home and the deceased was under a physician’s care, it’s up to the attending physician or medical staff, such as a hospice care provider, in conjunction with a family member, to call us directly at (803) 490-7137.

If a death happens at home and it is accidental or unexpected, it’s crucial that you also call 911 before the loved one is moved out of the house.

When a Death Occurs in Supervised Care

When your loved one was in supervised care, such as a nursing home or hospital, at the time of death, their staff will immediately notify you and the authorities. They will inform us if you’ve let the facility know you’ll be working with Woodridge Memorial Park . One of our funeral directors will contact you to help you through the next steps.  

For cases where a loved one was in a hospice program’s care, call them first. A representative should give you instructions and procedures for moving forward. Hospice may notify the coroner or medical examiner. If you listed Woodridge Memorial Park as your funeral home, the hospice representative or the medical examiner would call us. 

Visit Cake for more resources and tools on death, grief, and mortality. You will find thousands of articles designed to help you learn about and prepare for end-of-life.

Every step of the way, we provide compassionate guidance after the death of a loved one. Please contact us today at (803) 490-7137 for immediate assistance and answers to your questions.