Memorialization Services

Your loved one deserves to be remembered in a way that represents who they were. And having a permanent memorial in a cemetery or cremation provides a special place to pay respects and reflect. There are many lasting tributes available through our memorialization services. 
These services can be completed before a funeral or afterward. We understand that remembrance and grieving do not run on a specific timeline and that creating these memorial pieces can bring a sense of closure and peace long after a funeral service.

Memorial Items

Whether you’re choosing to arrange your funeral or are designing a meaningful service for someone close to you, deciding on memorial items, cemeteries, and other matters can be overwhelming. Let our experienced staff at Woodridge Memorial Park help you select the best option to celebrate and honor your loved one.

Caskets and Urns

Woodridge Memorial Park offers high-quality caskets, burial vaults, and cremation urns. We help you make an informed choice that respects your wishes and budget. Caskets and urns are available in many materials, including metal, wood, and marble. 

Some ShareLife funeral homes operate a cemetery; others partner with a nearby memorial park. Ask us about cemeteries and cremation gardens, and we can guide you to the perfect final resting place for your loved one.

Headstones and Markers

We have many options for headstones and markers and can customize them to your exact specifications. Please note that some ShareLife locations only offer headstones and markers to veterans as provided by the VA and do not offer engraving services.

Memorial Keepsakes

Cremation offers many options for beautiful memorial items. When a cremation is completed, the family can place the ashes in an urn, a small, customizable container. There is also cremation jewelry designed to hold a small amount of ashes to wear close to you. 

Cremated ashes can be solidified into Parting Stones that can be displayed, shared, or scattered (Parting Stone is available at select ShareLife locations). Cremated remains can also be transformed into a memorial diamond.

You’re not limited to how you can honor the life of your loved one. Every step of the way, we will help you find the personalized merchandise that best showcases everything you love about someone special. For more information on our available merchandise options, call us at (803) 490-7137​.